Hardwood Floor Refinishing

American Floor Service is your local area expert for refinishing and restoring old hardwood floors. We use the best equipment and environmentally friendly polyurethanes. We can also apply stains to your refinished floor if you would like a darker finish to your hardwood floor. However, we recommend the all natural polyurethane stains on your refinished hardwood floors to bring out the natural beauty and vibrant colors in your wood floors.

It takes a total of a few days to restore old hardwood floors. The initial sanding is the bulk of the project. We use sandpaper that will be the proper grit to safely get an even sanding on your hardwood floors. The type of wood you have will be a determining factor for the grit we will need. Harder floors like oak and maple may require a higher grit paper. Conversely, softer woods such as cherry and pine will usually need a lower grit paper.

Also, the length of time since your hardwood floors were last restored will be a factor. Generally speaking, the longer the hardwood floor has gone without being restored, the more dings and scrapes will need to be removed. Higher grit paper is needed for highly weather floors and lower grit paper is needed new floors and lightly weathered hardwood floors.

Sanding and refinishing your old hardwood floors is a great way to improve the look and feel of your home. It should be done every five years or so. Of course, the need to have your hardwood floors refinished depends on the amount of foot traffic you have.