Hardwood Floor Care

Here are a few ways to protect the finish on your hardwood floors and make the finish last a little longer:

Don’t wear shoes on the floors. This seems like a simple one but a “shoes off” policy will help your floors from getting marred by foot traffic. Women’s high heeled shoes can be especially treacherous for a hardwood floor. Some high heeled shoes have protectors but those can fall off. Heels have hard jagged edges that can do a number on a new hardwood floor. Just a few steps on hardwood floors can leave tiny gauges everywhere in their path.

Do not use waxed or polishes on your wood floors. Do not use Murphy Oil Wax or any other wax for that matter. It’s going to create a buildup that may look nice at first, but, will end up creating a mess in the long run.

Small carpets in high traffic areas will protect your floor in the spots where wearing initially occurs. Some common places are in front of major appliances, in front of the sink, and in hallways and entrance ways.

Keep your hardwood floors as clean as possible. Grit, dirt, and tiny pebbles that get trapped between someone’s shoe and the floor can cause damage.